Saturday, 26 March 2016

Forming Our Own Views

I saw Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice earlier on today and I was very excited to do so. I've always watched way more Marvel films and yet my interest has been massively sparked for this latest DC film. Since it was released critics have generally been pretty negative about the film and my brother messaged me when lots of these views were released seriously upset. His excitement actually faltered. He was still excited and when he actually went to see the film his excitement was at an all-time high. However, how incredible is that that these critics' views could dent excitement quite so much?

I really, really enjoyed the film. Okay, I could see a few flaws personally but I came out of the cinema incredibly impressed, excited and ready to place it in my "favourite film" category that swims about in my head. My brother adored it too. So why is it that we can let other opinions about things such as films affect us beforehand? And maybe even after too!

What is one person's cup of tea might just not be another person's. And that's okay. So why should these critic reviews be the be all and end all when it comes to the reputation of a film? I hope that they aren't and I really hope the fans can bring this film to awesomeness- I really think the film deserves it! I have read reviews that slated the film for the length of the film. Yes, it's super long but my interest was there from the very first scene to the very last. The length was not an issue for me, personally. I have seen reviews that were negative about the lack of comedy in the film. I didn't go into the film expecting comedy. I liked how dark it is. It's a film with a serious tone and I enjoyed that. Plus there were a few moments of comic relief and they were enough for me!

One negative review amongst loads of good reviews when it comes to hotels or books or restaurants stand out to us. We take that as the one that must be right. However I've learnt not to do this. Of course we should take note as to why there's a negative review but we should consider all of the good points in the others- we need to weigh up what's important to us.

I realised recently that my parents have never tried to influence my political reviews. They've also never made a point of saying that they've never done that. I think that's super cool. When it comes down to it, historically, my mum and dad have voted differently to each other. I know my own political views are down to the research I've done and the personal factors in my life that dictate what party/political view will benefit me. That's nothing to do with my parents.

So why are critics' opinions - people who aren't related to us/people who don't know us - important to us? Quite frankly, they shouldn't be. If we want to go and see a film, we need to go in with an open mind and decide for ourselves what we think of it.

But, hey, I thought Batman V Superman was ace!

A Cinema Trip & Some Thoughts,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. I'm blogging twice every day this March and you can read my last post HERE!

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